Q: Who is this for?
A: Aslyum Seekers, TPS, DACA, Refugee Nurses and International Educated Registered Nurses (RN) who have passed the NCLEX with clinical experience. We work with nurses already within the United Sates as well as nurses with a willingness to relocate to the US permanently to work as a RN in a healthcare facility setting.

Q: Is Flint a staffing company?
A: Flint is an international search service. We are different from typical agencies because we don’t just try to fill gaps in employment; we try to match the nurse’s skills with the right job and facility. We want nurses to be successful and find a mutually beneficial long-term fit. Retaining its staff is also in the partner’s facility’s interest.

Q: How do I apply?
A: To get started you can visit our jobs in Indeed or apply via our webform flintnurse.com/nurse-careers and click the apply button.

Q: What do I need to apply?
Paragraph To apply you need:
Passed NCLEX-RN exam
A valid Registered Nursing license in any country
At least 1 year of Registered Nursing clinical experience (Post-graduation)
Good English and communication skills

Q: What will help my chances of being selected?
A: Communication is really important for the healthcare facilities, the more effective your communication, the better. One year of clinical experience is great and 3 years is better. Moreover, we are looking for nurses who have a great attitude and critical thinking ability.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract with Flint?
A: Yes, the agreement is a two-way commitment. It legally binds us to follow through with our financial obligations and that both of us will follow through with the process.

Q: How much information about Flint will I get before making a decision?
A: You can make a decision to work with us whenever you feel comfortable. Once you apply your will speak to our Nurse Recruiter right away who will walk you through the process. We have helpful resources on our website to answer any questions you might have before making decisions. 

Q: What if I am already in a longterm employment contract in my home country?
A: We will consider you for a position when your contract is closer to completion. Please let your Flint representative know about this when you apply.

Q: Who does Flint work with?
A: On our website you will also find the list of healthcare partners that work with us.

Q: What are the working conditions for an immigrant nurse in the US?
A: The working conditions for an immigrant are the same as every American nurse in the US. Some of these benefits include paid overtime, paid work breaks, and paid vacation every year.

Q: Where in the US will I work?
A: We work with many different types of healthcare facilities and health centers in many States in the US. You will go through a matching and interview process with prospective employers before we start immigration so you know where you will be going. We consider your skills, experience, and goals when assessing which facility is best suited to you for many years. We consider both your preferences and the needs of the facility to ensure that we make a match that works well for nurses and the facilities.

Q: What will be my wage?
A: Nursing is a respected area of employment in the US and nurses are compensated well above the national average. Furthermore, protected by law you will be paid the same as an American nurse. You can learn more about these laws here. Your specific wage will depend on your position, location and employer. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2023 the median salary for an RN in the US was $86,070. 

Q: How often will I be paid?
A: Typically American nurses are paid every two weeks.

Q: How long is the employment contract?
A: A typical employment contract will be 3 years. The goal is for us to match you with the right employer for a good long-term fit as this is what the employers want as well. We consider your skills, experience, and goals when assessing which healthcare facility is best suited to you. We consider both your preferences and the needs of the healthcare facility to ensure that we make a match that works well for nurses and the facilities. You will have the opportunity to review the contract before committing.

Q: What happens after my employment contract is complete?
A: Typically the contract is renewed when the employment arrangement is a good fit.

Q: What happens if my employment arrangement doesn’t work out before finishing my three year contract?
A: Typically we will help reassign you to another employer. If you have already completed more than two years with a Flint employer. 

Q: How does Flint make money?
A: Flint does not charge the nurse as part of the program. The healthcare facilities pay Flint for recruitment services which include finding nurses, licensing, immigration, and relocation. 

Q: How much support will I get throughout the process?
A: We will provide you guidance through the process, sharing next steps along the journey. This includes endorsement, immigration, and employment arrangements. We also connect you with a network of nurses for support. This network includes nurses who are currently going through the same step of the journey as you and international nurses who are already working in the US.

Q: Can I bring my family with me?
A: Yes, you will have the opportunity for you to bring spouses and dependents under the age of 21 with you to begin your new life in the US. The costs associated with immigrating and relocating family members are not included in our service. However, we do offer additional financial assistance in the form of a loan to be paid off after you start working. If you want to immigrate with your family make sure to include that in your profile when you are prompted.

Q: Can my spouse work in the US?
A: It depends, if you have a spouse relocating with you they may be eligible to work in the USA. This is dependent on the type of visa and the terms of your authorization to work in the US. Flints immigration lawyer will advise you on this process. Typically, your spouse will need to obtain their own visa to work in the US.

Q: What will my living arrangements be in the US?
A: Flint's relocation team will assist you in finding rental accommodation for the first couple of months of employment. This is a typical living arrangement for Americans.

Q: Do I start working right after landing in the US?
A: You can expect to begin to work at your healthcare facility within two weeks to one month depending on the requirements of your employer and the government agencies processing your file. This delay generally gives you time to get settled and organized before you start working.

Q: How long is the process?
A: The process length varies depending on the person and visa path. If you are already within the Unites States or Canada, this timeline could be a few weeks. 

Q: Can I stop the process with Flint?
A: We really hope you stay but if you must leave you will need to repay Flint for the costs we have already paid for on your behalf.

Q: What can help speed up the process?
A: The quicker you complete the steps in your online profile the faster the process will be. If you already have a US nursing license or some of the documents required for US licensing that will help speed the process.

Q: What will be my status in the US?
A: The status will be dependent on the visa you qualify for. Flints immigration lawyer will advise you on this part of the process. In some cases the process can be supplemented with temporary visas to get you working in the US sooner.

Q: What is the NCLEX exam?
A: In order to become licensed to work in the US as a registered nurse (RN), nurses must take and pass a qualifying exam called the NCLEX. You must pass the NCLEX qualifying exam before we can start the immigration process. If you’ve already passed it you won’t need to take it again.

Q: Do I need to pass NCLEX to apply
A: Yes, you need to pass NCELX. We currently don’t provide service to nurses without a NCLEX certificate.

Q: If I’m already in the immigration and licensing process can I work with Flint?
A: Yes, we can usually work with you. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Q: What is the level of English proficiency that is required?
A: Employers care that you can communicate effectively with staff and patients. They require a professional level of English, which can be demonstrated in the interviews and by passing an English exam. To qualify for Flint’s program, you will need to submit proof of a current passing score on the IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT English exams, etc. If you don’t meet this requirement, you should have a high level of English and be prepared to pass the exam.

Q: Will I need to take an English test?
A: Yes, for immigration and licensing you will need to take one of either the IELTS Academic or TOEFL iBT English exam unless your nursing education was in the following countries and your textbooks were in English (United Kingdom, Australia, Canada (except Quebec), New Zealand, Ireland or the United States). If you have already taken and passed an English test recently, we can use those scores. Please submit proof of a passing score to a Flint representative. A passing score on an English exam must be within 2 years of starting the Flint program.

Q: What is a passing score for the English test?
A: For the IELTS (Academic Format) the overall score must be at least 6.5 and the spoken band 7.0. For the TOEFL iBT you must have an overall score greater than 83 and 26 in the speaking section.

Q: Will I need a passport?
A: Yes, you and every family member coming with you will need a passport.

Q: Will I be able to study and continue to specialize in the US?
A: The US has many programs to help you achieve your career goals. Be sure to let your prospective employer know what your goals are.

Q: Should I be concerned about discrimination in the US?
A: American cities are quite multicultural where many different ethnic communities can be found. There are many opportunities to find a community that you can relate to. US laws are designed to protect individuals from discrimination. If you feel like you are being discriminated against, there are ways you can report these incidents. Flint will guide you in this process and will assist in ensuring you feel comfortable in your new community.

Q: What will Flint pay for?
A: Flint’s Registered Nurse Program includes covering expenses associated with: visa filing fees, lawyer fees, visa screen, credential evaluation reports, nursing license endorsement application, travel to the US, and initial accommodations in the US. These expenses can total to more than $20,000. Flint doesn’t require the nurses to pay Flint back for any of these expenses after relocation.

Q: What will I need to pay for as a nurse?
A: There are some services essential to immigration that you may need to pay for yourself in your home country. These services include: background check, medical examination, courier fees, and fees associated with obtaining records from both the institutions where you received your education and from your licensing authorities. The breakdown of these fees will be communicated to you before you need to make a decision. If you need help paying for expenses like these please consult your Nurse Success Advisor.

Q: Will I need to pay Flint money?
A: No, Flint will not ask you for money directly.