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Discover what exciting new career opportunities with growth potential awaits you in America, where you will apply your existing skills and knowledge while learning new ones. Our team of experienced nurse educators will guide you and start your journey today.

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We are committed to your nursing future in the USA

Flint is an international search firm seeking experienced and qualified nurses from around the world. Our program is specifically designed to help internationally educated nurses succeed permanently in the United States.

We partner with respected American hospitals to offer a seamless solution for nurses to transition into their new life in America. Flint provides fully sponsored endorsement, immigration, and relocation programs. We pay for legal and processing fees, licensing, and offer premium placement.

From start to finish

Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process. Flint completes your nurse license endorsement application, provides job placement, and world-class immigration services. We consider your nursing skills, experience, and goals when assessing which facilities are best suited for you.


Your success is Flint's success