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Shaping the Future of Nursing

Flint is driven by a bold mission to revolutionize American healthcare by addressing its most pressing challenge: the shortage of nurses. Our purpose is to dismantle the obstacles that hinder international nurses from embarking on a transformative journey to establish their careers in the United States. Our unwavering commitment aims to assist more than a thousand nurses in making this transition by the culmination of the upcoming year.

Our geographically diverse team operates remotely, spanning multiple nations, and is comprised of seasoned professionals hailing from diverse sectors like technology, healthcare, and immigration. At Flint, our focus transcends the conventional. We are resolute in reshaping the landscape of nursing, envisioning a future where barriers are dismantled, opportunities are boundless, and the foundation of healthcare is fortified by a thriving community of nurses from around the world.

Meet our Team


Kenton Jarvie

Guided by a commitment to Flint's core values and vision, Kenton effectively balances stewardship over finance, strategic investor relationships, and nurturing our people.



Anson Kung

Anson relentlessly champions the expansion of Flint's nursing community, showcasing dedication in diversifying our impressive lineup of professionals.

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Head of Partnerships

Neil Prigge

Neil acts as Flint's envoy, forging and nurturing relationships that underpin mutual growth and prosperity with our partners.


Chief of Staff

Rovina D'Souza

Operating as a Swiss army knife, heading strategic projects within Flint, Rovina is dedicated to ensuring all strategic initiatives are executed with precision and efficiency.


Senior Nurse Success Manager

Montse del Toro

With unwavering passion, Montse oversees Nurse Success and product operations, ensuring steadfast support to the nurses at every stage of their journey.


Nurse Success Advisor

Samuel Adedayo

An anchor of nurse success within Flint, Samuel dispenses insights and guidance, propelling nurses towards unparalleled professional journey.


Nurse Success Advisor

Chelsea Mansour

Chelsea's unwavering dedication reflects in her personalized guidance, fortifying each nurse's unique trajectory within Flint.


Executive Assistant

Marianne Cabalida

With her deep-rooted expertise in administration and organizational dynamics, Marianne is the backbone of Flint's day-to-day accounting and people operations.